The "default situation" in case the owner passes away

Remember that in Belgium, in the event of the owner’s death, if nothing had been planned regarding his pets, it is the heirs that “share” the pets. They may decide to take care of them or, if none of the heirs wishes to adopt the pets, they will most probably end up in a shelter, where their future may be uncertain.


How to make sure that my pet will be taken care of if needed

To ensure the happiest possible life to your faithful companion after your passing, anticipation is key. Ideally, you should discuss the matter with your loved ones to check if some of them may be willing to take care of your pet. You can even discuss it as soon as you are adopting a new pet ! You will then be able to mention this “person of trust” in your will and, if you wish so, even plan to leave a small amount of money to cover the needs of your companion. If no one wishes to adopt your pet, you can still look for associations that will take care of it or that will place it in a loving and caring family. Anyways, you need to explicitly state your wishes and ideally write them down, so that your loved ones will be able to find and respect them. In this regard, the Morning Blue Passport may help you : with just a few clicks, you will be able to list your pets and state your wishes regarding them.