Obtain a certificate of heredity

Various administrative formalities after death must be undertaken by the deceased's relatives following his or her departure, in particular because the bank blocks the deceased's bank accounts and safes.

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Obtain a certificate of heredity

How can I quickly obtain a certificate of heredity?

The certificate of heredity is a document provided by the Office of Legal Security that establishes the identity of a deceased person's heirs.

To obtain a certificate of heredity, an application form for a certificate of identity must be filled out at the Legal Security Bureau. The following documents will be required:

  • an original extract of the death certificate (this document is issued by the municipal administration);
  • the marriage certificate of the deceased ;
  • a copy of the marriage records of his or her close family (parents, brothers and sisters), if the deceased leaves no descendants.

In your request, please specify the full identity of all heirs.

After examining your application and the requested documents, the Legal Security Office will issue you with the certificate of inheritance, which may mention any paid or unpaid debts.

To obtain a certificate of heredity, please allow approximately 4 weeks for processing. Once received, present the certificate of heredity to the deceased's bank in order to proceed with the unblocking of the bank accounts.

There is no charge for obtaining a certificate of inheritance.

The act of heredity: a paid alternative to the certificate of heredity

Like the certificate of inheritance, the act of heredity allows the heirs to release the deceased's assets. It is a deed drawn up by the notary that establishes the identity of the deceased and his heirs.

Unlike the certificate of inheritance, the act of inheritance has a cost :

  • Registration fees: 50 euros.
  • The writing rights: 7.50 euros.
  • The notary's fees and deed fees. (count between 300€ and 400€)

Are you the heir of the deceased?

Check with your notary that neither you nor the deceased had any tax debts. If there is a tax debt, it will have to be paid before the deceased's accounts can be released.

To draw up the deed of inheritance, take the following documents to the notary:

  • a copy of the death certificate ;
  • the marriage certificate and the marriage contract ;
  • the complete identity of the heirs ;
  • a copy of the will or donation between spouses. In some cases, the notary is already the holder of this document.

What if the heir is a minor or incapacitated?

A minor or incapacitated person is designated as an heir by the deceased. To accept the inheritance, the person must be represented by a parent, grandparent or guardian.

If the heir is represented by a tutor, an authorization from the justice of the peace is required to begin the process.

Did you know?

When a death occurs, the first step is to have the death declared. Then comes the step of choosing the funeral home and, shortly afterwards, the transmission of the inheritance tax return to the tax authorities. This last step is necessary before being able to receive an inheritance.

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