2020 in Review by Morning Blue

Needless to say that 2020 has been a very peculiar year! Well, while 2021 is knocking on your doors and while many seem very willing to welcome this new year with open arms – but still respecting safety advice – at Morning Blue, we have decided to tell you a bit more about us by reviewing the past year and underlining all the beautiful things that happened to us in 2020. 

2020: A fundraising, a new website and a Passport to best support you  


First of all, for Morning Blue, 2020 has been the year of an important fundraising with several investors believing in our project. Thanks to them, we have been able to actually start the Morning Blue adventure and to offer you our first free pre and post-decease services


2020 has also been the year of our brand new website: more modern, more refined and user-friendlier. It acts as a genuine support platform that allows you to easily access all our services, to browse our articles that are full of advice and information and to quickly create your Passport, Morning Blue’s tool of choice! 


Speaking of the Passport, we have had the opportunity, throughout the year, to enhance its interface so as to make it even easier to use. For those who do not know what we are talking about, the Morning Blue Passport may be compared with a secured digital safe that allows you to store all your wishes and all useful information for your loved ones in case of a passing. The aim is very simple: to facilitate your life and those of your loved ones as well. 


Facilitating your life may also be done through our articles. They may sometimes have led to various reactions, from “Likes” to “Grrrs”, but they remain a wealth of information, covering very diverse subjects, all available at the same place. This year, we have told you about funeral insurance plans, frozen bank accounts, successions to handle, green funerals, pets as well as about Christmas gifts that turn into donations – and many more! But no worries, we still have a lot of subjects to cover in 2021. 




2021: New services and even more advice to stay close to you  


Of course, Morning Blue will remain present, even more present, in 2021. First of all, we will keep feeding you with advice and information via our articles and posts on social media as well as on our website. More importantly, in 2021, Morning Blue will offer you even more online services: be it helping you fill in your tax inheritance return or obtain a certificate of heredity, the Morning Blue team will be more available for you than ever before! 


Well, maybe 2020 has not been the year where everything is possible. Yet, we hope that, just like us, it was still full of good times and great success. We already wish you a happy new year and we cannot wait to continue helping and supporting you in the future.