Donate my body to science

There are a number of measures that can be used to pre-fill in information about the legacy of one's body to science. It is important to designate the person who will be able to decide and to repeat this information, possibly in writing.

Anyone who wishes to donate his or her body to science after his or her death is obviously required to make this clear. A form should therefore be pre-filled in by the future deceased confirming his or her agreement to donate his or her body to science. The heirs may also agree to this, but it is obviously necessary to be certain that they will all agree and that there will be no uncertainty in this respect. It is therefore preferable for the person concerned to be able, during his or her lifetime, to draw up a form which can be found on the site of the university of his or her choice.

With regard to organ removal and transplantation, the law governing organ removal and transplantation in Belgium dates from 1986. It is based on the principle of "Whoever says nothing consents": every Belgian citizen or registered in the register of foreigners for at least 6 months is a presumed donor, unless he has officially refused. Organ donation is anonymous. It is unpaid.