What should I do with my accounts?

According to a study carried out by researchers from Oxford University, in a few years’ time, the number of Facebook profiles of deceased persons could outstrip those of living persons. Yet, you may not wish to become some kind of “digital zombie”. Therefore, it is important to think about the future of your various accounts. Some providers will automatically shut down the accounts if there is no activity on them while others have an “Inactive account manager” system. For example:

  • Facebook allows: your heirs to shut down your account, to transform it into a memoralised account or that you designate a “guardian” that will take care of your account after your passing (without having access to your private messages);
  • Google allows you to plan in advance: either deleting your account after your passing or sharing the access with a trusted person that will take care of shutting it down;
  • Twitter deletes the account and/or allows the relatives to download all the deceased’s tweets. 


Planning one's "digital inheritance"

To make sure that your loved ones fulfil your wishes regarding your social media accounts and to facilitate the procedures, you can already leave those wishes in your Morning Blue Passport. The point is not to give Morning Blue nor your relative your login and passwords, but only to specify what you want to happen with those accounts: to have them deleted, to have a message posted for your digital friends... After your passing, your relatives will thus easily access your wishes and will be able to respect them, potentially with the help of the Morning Blue teams, who also take care of such situations.

Finally, do not forget that your digital inheritance is not limited to your profiles on social networks. It also comprises all the documents that you created offline; the contents that you published online, such as blogs or videos; your communication, emails, address books etc.; your online books or online music; as well as your online commercial operations, for example ebanking or online loyalty programs. Do not forget them. Our Morning Blue experts remain available to answer all your questions, to give you some advice or to provide you with free help. Do not hesitate to contact us.