Our tool to fill in your inheritance tax return is currently in beta test. Please contact us via the form hereof if you wish to be helped by our specialist team to fill in your inheritance tax return.

What does the inheritance tax return include? 

Inheritance tax returns include: 

  • The first and last name of the deceased and the date and place of death;

  • The first and last names of the heirs/legatees, their relationship to the deceased and their national registry number;

  • The civil status of the deceased person, with his or her testamentary dispositions (if applicable);

  • Donations made three years or less before death (except for donations of securities registered in Belgium) if any;

  • The assets of the deceased, i.e. the movable and immovable property that the deceased owned in Belgium or abroad;

  • The deceased's liabilities, i.e. his debts, adding the documents of proof for each debt;

  • Insurances related to the deceased or the usufruct of property.

The tax authorities will therefore have a precise idea of the assets subject to inheritance tax and will then be able to calculate the amounts of inheritance tax based on the value of the estate.


Can I draw up the inheritance tax return myself? 

As an heir, you have the right to draw up your inheritance tax return yourself and are therefore not obliged to hire a notary. In general, only one inheritance tax return is drawn up, regardless of the number of declarants. Each declarant must sign it before sending it to the appropriate Legal Security Office.