The type of ceremony

Currently, in Belgium, you only have two options available: burial, where the body is buried in the ground, or cremation, the disposal of a body by burning it to ashes. It is essential for a person to plan the type of ceremony that he/she wants, to indicate if it should be a religious one or not, etc. so that his/her relatives can easily organise it when needed. Other details may also be specified, such as the type or funeral urn or of coffin or, for example, the type of flowers wished.


Arrangements regarding the body

The deceased person may also choose to donate his body or organs to science. In Belgium, anyone over 18 is presumed to have agreed to be a potential donor unless they have formally or informally objected during their life. Again, if you clearly state your wishes, you ensure that they will be respected. You can also specify if you want to receive embalming. All those elements can be saved in your Morning Blue Passport so that your loved ones can easily and directly access them if needed.



Some may purchase so-called funeral insurances. They allow their holder to bequeath their loved ones a sum of money that will help them pay the funeral costs while respecting the deceased’s wishes. However, it is important for the relatives to know that such insurances have been purchased. Indeed, unclaimed insurances of all types amount to several billion euros! Drafting a list of all purchased insurances will ensure the tranquillity of your loved ones while preventing the money from being lost! It also guarantees that your wishes will be fulfilled while avoiding financial burdens. Please note that if you need any advice or have any question (regarding the Passport, funeral arrangements or any other aspect linked with the work of our experts), you can contact the Morning Blue team, which will help you with any queries.