Disclaiming an inheritance

Sometimes, a deceased person may leave debts: it is then the heirs who inherit them, just like they inherit the money available on the deceased’s bank accounts.

Why choose to refuse an inheritance?

When settling the succession, passed down liabilities may outweigh heritable assets. If you do not wish to pay for those debts, you then have the right to forfeit the inheritance.

This requires you to make an appointment with a notary as you will need to file a notarial act called a "disclaimer".

Obtaining such an act is free if the heritable assets do not exceed €5000.

Practical case

Guy passed away at the age of 68. He owned €4500 on his bank accounts as well as a car, which was worth an estimated €3500. Guy had also taken out a consumer loan, whose remaining balance, at the time of Guy's death, amounted to €26 000.

The net assets thus amount to (€4500 + €3500) - (€26 000) = - €18 000.

If Jean, Guy's only son, wishes to accept the succession, he also has to reimburse his dad's unpaid loan.

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