Why is it important to quickly terminate contracts and subscriptions?

After a passing, the deceased’s bank accounts are frozen. Payments for various contracts are thus automatically rejected by the banks, which almost automatically leads to additional fees to be paid to the service provider. Furthermore, depending on the deceased person’s situation, such services may no longer be necessary (if there is no surviving partner, for example). Nonetheless, invoices continue to be sent. Therefore, it is good to go over all those services and decide which ones have become unnecessary and should be terminated.


How can I make sure that the contracts have actually been terminated?

Ideally, the deceased will have left a list of all the services that he had subscribed. Everyone can fill such a list via the Morning Blue Passport. It allows you to list your main service providers (for all your contracts and subscriptions). Thanks to this, your heirs and relatives will easily be able to retrace and contact the various providers in order to quickly terminate the contracts. Please note that the Morning Blue team is also available to help you terminate unnecessary contracts effectively. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for help.